Rodger Cuzner

Your member of parliament for

Cape Breton-Canso

Rodger Cuzner

Your member of parliament for

Cape Breton-Canso


Twas the Week Before Christmas – 2017

``And the Bloc, they find themselves in a quandary. Break up the country? They couldn`t separate their own laundry``

‘Twas the week before Xmas and not much was new;
But I’ll just take a minute and offer my view.

The new Tory Leader picked a political spat;
But it’s hard to take him serious with dimples like that;

But even those dimples cannot hide the shock;
Of what happened Monday in South Surrey/White Rock.

The Dippers believe their Savior’s been sent;
He’s bumped up their polling to 16%.

To the new NDP Leader here’s a challenge to meet;
It would be sweet to compete with Jagmeet for a seat.

The Block were once strong, but find themselves in a quandary;
Break up the country?…They couldn’t separate their own laundry.

While Opposition parties were sitting back and relaxing;
We did the hard work which some say was quite taxing.

Housing and poverty, – so much progress has been made;
Take for example international trade.

Cuz’ as much as we love trade with North Carolina;
Opportunities abound in places like China.

And if the current view on NAFTA is forced to be dealt;
Then I’ll hang the mistletoe off the back of my belt.

There’s the far left, the alt right and the smart in between;
I’d still bet on our boy in 2019!